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Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue

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Ways You Can Get Involved:

Volunteer Your Time

If you have time to volunteer then get busy!  Look for rescues in your area or visit your local shelters.  They are always in need of warm bodies to give much needed TLC to the dogs awaiting homes.  The sad reality is that some will not get the luxery of a new home, they will run out of time and will be euthenized.  Volunteers that give their time to those dogs may be the first and last bit of love and kindness they will ever receive.  Give them that gift.
Stop in and play with one or two, or more dogs.  Just spend time with them.  
You might volunteer your vehicle as well!  Give a dog a ride to the vet or take a leg of a transport to get a dog to it's new forever home or to a rescue.

Register for an Upcoming Event

Keep an eye out for Adoption Events or Fund Raising Events.
You might like to offer your time to one of these.  Adoption Events usually involve needing handlers to hold available dogs and puppies looking for homes.  Or it may be some thing like a bake sale where you might bake some thing and donate.  Or even show up and help run the table.  You might also help get the word out about these events.  Raffles are a fun way of getting funds for shelters and rescues.  Help out by selling tickets for them.

Make a Donation

Donations are an excellent way to help if you don't have time to volunteer.
Donations don't have to mean money, although cash will cover needs such as vet care.
Most Shelters and Rescues, including myself, are always in need of items related to the care of a dog or puppy.  Items such as towels for bathing, blankets for bedding, toys and chewies to keep off the boredom, collars and leashes for new arrivals.  And lets not forget Food.  A donation of food is always welcome, because there will always be one more mouth to feed.

Write a Letter or Sign a Petition

The biggest problems facing the American Pit Bull Terrier is Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and Dog Fighting.  Signing petitions and writing letters speaking out against BSL is needed every where.  BSL is popping up all over the US and Canada.  And Dog Fighting, there need to be tougher laws to handle those involved in such a cruel sport.  Letters asking for that and letters asking for stiffer animal cruelty laws are needed every where.  Lawmakers need to take this seriously.