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Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue

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Unsettling acts of my neighbors

We are moving due to the actions of our neighbors.  We have not found a place yet and need to find homes for the current rescues.  Please if you would like to foster or adopt, get in touch with us ASAP.
Due to certain people in my neighborhood I have to ask that all rescues be adopted ASAP.  I found 2 Bullet Holes in my Living Room Window, they are now shooting at me because I have pit bulls, the officer was able to collect one bullet from the window frame as evidence and possible gun identification should the weapon be found.  One dog disappeared and was reported to have been shot and killed by said people.  Another dog was shot and lived and now a puppy has disappeared, stolen.  The safety of my family, I have two small children, has been put in danger because of weak minded people.  So please help me help the rescues.
Emergency Homes, Fosters or Permanent Needed!
I have 2 dogs left from the Nelson County Animal Cruelty Case.  I must place them immediately. 
Please contact me if you think you can help.
And for interested parties Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue is not a Commercial Business.  I spend more money helping these wonderful dogs than I receive in return in the form of donations, ie: adoption fees. 
The cost of spaying and neutering a dog/puppy is not cheap, the average person will pay twice what the donation/adoption fee is for a dog/puppy just for the surgery.  Then add in the cost of routine vaccinations, rabies, regular worming, heartworm preventative, Frontline Flea and Tick drops and then the cost of food to maintain the fosters.  Some people I know don't bother to take these steps and fail to maintain the health of their dogs.
I personally foster dogs for Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue at my residence.  All transactions* for rescues, time spent on maintaining this website and others is done at 624 Cloudcroft Dr., Monroe, VA.  24574.   Fostering dogs is not a Commercial Business.  I also foster dogs for AWAG, a rescue located in Appomattox Virginia.  Fostering dogs for AWAG is not a commercial business, I do it out of the kindness of my heart.  My personal dogs are not a Commercial Business.  They are my personal pets and are family members.
Unlike other people that breed dogs and sell them out of their home. 
*A transaction being the act of the adoptor donating an appropriate adoption fee in exchange for the puppy/dog up for adoption and the puppy/dog being signed over to the adoptor.