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Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue

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Welcome to Bow N Arrow Kennels!
Changes being made!!!
Due to the cost of caring for so many dogs Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue can not take your dog/puppy. 
We will however help you place him/her.
You must send a photo and description of your dog and I will list him/her and do my best to help find a suitable home.
Virginia Law requires a dog be altered before placement so if your dog is not spayed or neutered it will be done upon adoption.
Adoptions will now take place thru the Humane Society of Amherst County.
Once a suitable home is found the dog will be Owner Surrendered to HSAC and then the new owner will be adopting the dog from HSAC.  HSAC's adoption fees will apply, $70 for dogs and $60 for cats.  The adoption fee covers spay/neuter, a Wellness Exam, Rabies Vaccination, Booster Shot and worming.
Do not send any adoption fees to Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue.  I am offering a free service to help rehome dogs.  I will occassionally have dogs available here but the same rule applies, the dog will be adopted from HSAC.  Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue will not be handling money.
Check out the new additions on the Available Rescues page!
Raffle to Help Sweet Pea!!!!  GREAT GIFTS!!! CLICK HERE Winners Announced!!!!!
We are moving due to the actions of our neighbors.   Please if you would like to foster or adopt, get in touch with us ASAP.
I have 1 dog left from the Nelson County Animal Cruelty Case.  I must place him immediately. 
Please contact me if you think you can help.


This site is dedicated to the rescue and rehab of one of the most abused and misunderstood breeds in the world today, the American Pit Bull Terrier.  I hope to use this little bit of web space to promote the breed in a way that it deserves.  And to find much needed homes for those left abused and abandoned.

If your looking for a companion or family pet the American Pit Bull Terrier fills that roll completely.  They are one of the most loyal breeds out there.  A properly socialized APBT is a wonderful dog around and with children.  They can and do live in multi dog households and they can and do get along with other animals if socialized around them, such as cats.  The APBT has been used successfully in Search and Rescue, Therapy and as Dogs for the Disabled. 

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Bow N Arrow Pit Bull Rescue is a not for profitt organization.  We gladly except donations in order to care for the dogs coming in and out of the rescue.  We need items such as towels, blankets, collars, leashes and crates, they need not be new items, used is perfectly fine.  We also go thru a lot of toys (used infant and toddler toys make great puppy toys), chewies and food.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
We also have a store dedicated to the APBT,
All proceeds go to the rescue and rehab of the APBT.